Daring Dynamos and Freeze 2011

A couple of chums of mine have decided to go on a bike ride.  Around the world.  To listen to music.  But its not all a jolly, as they'll be raising money for War Child too.  Good eggs. Phil Saunders and Tom Nelson are cycling round the world on the ultimate musical experience.  They are visiting festivals en-route and raising awareness of War Child's work: helping kids in war zones all over the world.  I'm looking forward to joining them on a couple of legs on the journey, but for now I'm just going to tell all of you guys about what they're doing.  For a bit of ski-related relevance, check out their review of the Freeze Festival here, and have a look at their video below.  These guys are really impressive and have come up with an excellent idea: having an adventure, doing something they love and trying to improve lives on the way.  I'm inspired.