Xavier De La Rue - This Is My Winter

I've talked about Warren Miller's new film, but I'm also really looking forward to Xavier De La Rue's This Is My Winter.  The guy is a true mountain goat, and watching his stuff thrills and terrifies me.  I've only met him in passing, but for many big mountain riders he is their true idol, having made huge personal sacrifices for his love of the mountains, with an incredibly pure focus on his passion.  He has won every competition you can imagine and dominated Freeride snowboarding for years now, producing the very best photography and video. This film, by Timeline, will give mountain lovers the chance to experience Xavier's point of view, seeing the nitty gritty of big mountain exploration and riding up close.  It will also give us an insight into the mentality and personality that makes Xavier the incredible athlete that he is.  Can't wait for this one.

For some reason, the video won't embed, but trust me it's worth following this link to have a look at it on Vimeo.

Check out Xavier's Facebook Page to learn more about the man and what he's up to.

Head over to Timeline for information about screenings