12 Steps To The Perfect Vox-Pop

A vox pop is when a "roving reporter" goes out on the street to capture the thoughts and opinions of the public on a topic or feature.  They are short soundbites of opinion, a "what do you think?"

  • Start with a context shot, then cut or pan to the presenter, who should fill most of the screen.
  • Have a short intro from the presenter that explains the topic you are seeking Vox Pops on.
  • Film the Vox Pop at the contributor's eyeline height.
  • Have the contributor's eyeline close to the line of the lens.
  • Have the contributor aligned to the side of centre, looking into the space.
  • The contributor should fill about 1/2 of the screen.
  • The ideal composition is of the contributor's head, shoulders and upper chest.
  • Don't bother with showing the presenter whilst the contributor is talking, unless it's Louis Theroux, Davina McCall or someone of a similar "audience draw."
  • The only exception to the above is a shot over the interviewer's shoulder.  The interviewer is out of focus and "dirty framed."
  • Anything prominent in shot should be relevant.
  • Be sure to have both eyes of a contributor visible to the camera.
  • At the end, the presenter should summarise the overall opinions demonstrated by the Vox Pops and draw some general conclusions.