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Doing Digital Properly: Top Tips From BBC Worldwide's Alex Ayling

Today, anyone can broadcast through platforms like YouTube. With amateurs producing incredible content, and organisations like Vice creating films specifically for online broadcast, where do traditional broadcasters like the BBC fit in?

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Doug Allan - Frozen Planet Cameraman. Top Tips for Filming Wildlife in the Arctic.

The other day, I was fortunate enough to meet Doug Allan at the Royal Geographical Society. Doug is about to receive the Second Bar for his Polar Medal. Which basically means he's spent a ridiculous amount of time in the Polar regions. He said, "If you ever go once, expect to go back. The environment is so pure, the light is incredible. It's so vast and scary, but absolutely beautiful - you can't really imagine it."

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Documentary Promo

It's been a long road to get here, but things are finally coming together. I'm extremely positive about this, as the BBC's early interest is a good sign they are looking to commission it. There's not much more I can do, now, except wait for the decision. And keep fingers, toes and shoelaces tightly crossed!

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