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Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem

The play is an exploration of belonging and Englishness - the theme of modern Englishness captured me - soul-less housing estates, disenfranchised youths, bureaucratic council officers - what is England? Byron's character taps into a sense of mystery and longing for something more interesting than the meaningless of existence that simmers beneath the surface of modern life; it taps into the hunger for mythos rather than the logos that society tells us should be the only concern.

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Preview of 2011's Warren Miller Ski Film, with Chris Davenport

The trailer is one of the best I have ever seen - I can watch it on loop! The editing and production is top-notch, the soundtrack incredible and the skiing is awe-inspiring; the whole package has been brilliantly but together. No other film has made me want to go skiing more.

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