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Ladakh: An article in

Leh is buzzing, as locals make the most of the short tourist season. Four-wheel drives zip through town, with boats tied to their roofs for white-water rafting ; the rhythmic tapping of tiny hammers echo from jewellery shops; and Kashmiri merchants, laden with carpets, shift their latest deliveries into freshly-painted shop fronts.

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Edgelands: A Telegraph project

That was exactly the response I had hoped for. I was at the offices of the Telegraph newspaper, and I had just shown Ben Ross, the travel editor, and Greg Dickinson, the social content editor, my route along the New Iron Curtain.

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Paul Merton's Adventure to Ibiza

Being a fish-out-of-water worked well in this regard: his initial awkwardness with DJ Guru turned into a really fun little segment where Merton ended up creating a new track with the eccentric genius who tells him that "Ibiza is a magnet for like-minded souls."

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