Back To Verbier

So I'm back in Verbier.  And, as a well-known fast-food chain might say, I'm lovin' it. It's stunning here at the moment: clear blues skies, snow down to the valley floor and a light haze in the air giving the sunlight a liquid quality.  I haven't been out on the snow yet, as I'm looking after a family in the chalet, but I was excited walking around on the nursery slopes for 5 minutes!  I've requisitioned the small garage as a gym, so getting back on with the Smash Ski Training.

I caught up with Sam Smoothy last night: He's on good form, having won a Qualifying comp for the World Freeride Tour and skiing at the very top of his game, putting in fast, aggressive runs to blow the other free-riders out of the water.  Or powder.  Unfortunately he's done some mischief to his knee in his last comp whilst skiing the most impressive line of the day over what turned out to be mostly rock!  As such, he's in a support brace with a crutch, engaging in re-hab Mont Fort style!  Knowing Smoothy, he'll be back on form next week, so I'm looking forward to doing some of the Smash Training with him before heading onto the mountain.

I headed down to Pub Mont Fort to catch up with a few of the instructors from Altitude and get the latest goss on classic ski season antics.  Wing Commander Trevor was regaling us with tall tales, I can still only understand Brummie Stu 50% of the time and Scottish Moray even less!  With the closure of the In-Between it's back to Pub Mont Fort as the bar of choice and I took the girls down last night.  They were surrounded by the usual gaggle of Rahs and Frenchies, who tried various methods of enticement, before being left in a cloud of perfume, wondering where all those shots and Jager-Bombs went!  Classic!

It's another beautiful day in Verbier.  I'm itching to get back on the skis and I can probably fit in a couple of hours most mornings.  Probably not tomorrow though... It's Mardi Gras, so today will be spent hunting down fancy dress, tonight will be spent in the bear pit of Pub Mont Fort and tomorrow will be spent drinking lots of water.

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