Skiing in Verbier!

It's been a hectic week.  The chalet has kept me busy with the girls out till 5 in the morning, and the young ones up for boarding at 9!  Needless to say, I didn't join the girls on their social outings as much this time, although they still managed to astound me with their appetite for shopping and beauty products! Sam Smoothy enjoyed the delights of socialising with the girls and their sharing nature, but his season has been sadly cut short with a tibia and possible ACL injury.  It's a real shame as it was great to have him around again and he's been skiing like an absolute daemon, blowing the rest of the field away, and he was on course for a podium finish at the World Freeride Tour.

Whilst my skiing hasn't approached the skill or lunacy of Smoothy's, it has certainly been feeling good.  Some fabulous snow in the Savoleyres sector of Verbier allowed me to put my Smash Ski Training to the test.  And the results have been good.  My knee feels as strong as ever, my reaction times are quick, and I'm feeling smooth, fluid and balanced on my skis.  Having barely skied for a year, and the disappointment in December due to the knee injury, it's great to have used that time to re-balance and realign my posture to help me get back to skiing at my best.

The conditions in Verbier have been excellent, with enough snow falling overnight to give good grip and powder to play around in.  The weather has been fantastic with blue skies and very un-February like temperatures.  My skiing is feeling great and it's awesome to be back out here, up in the mountains, surrounded by good skiers.  Moray's teaching the International Retail Group next week, so I'm looking forward to getting out and seeing him smash up some bumps!

I've introduced a few of the Altitude instructors to the training too, so I'm looking forward to getting some feedback.

Until then, follow this link for a video of Holly and I skiing in Savoleyres:

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