On Why Verbier Is The Best Resort. Part 1

A little bit of inferential logic for you, dear snow-hounds. Selecting the resort to spend your Gap year is a significant choice, so it's one worth spending some time mulling over.  Do you go to Meribel, Chamonix, Morzine, St Anton, or the Valaisan Citadel which sits above Le Chable?  By definition, you can't have a first season more than once, so you want it to really be memorable, with no nagging feeling as to whether or not you've made the right choice.  So, for the next few blogs, I shall expound the reasons why I believe, sincerely, that Verbier is the best place to do a Gap season.

The first of these may not be based on empirical data, but is certainly an inference that can be drawn by experience:

  1. If you spend time in other resorts, and ask seasonnaires where else they have done seasons, they will usually mention lots of places, but never Verbier.  The inference being that when people have spent time in Verbier, they aren't likely to go and do a season anywhere else, as its so good!
  2. By contrast, people in Verbier will often have done one season in lots of other places, but then multiple seasons in Verbier.  The inference being that people get itchy feet in other resorts, but once they get to Verbier, they feel very content and don't feel the need to find anything better.

Thus we can conclude: people will keep doing seasons until they find Verbier, because other resorts leave a sense of dissatisfaction.  And when people arrive in Verbier, they don't want to leave.  Therefore, Verbier is clearly the best resort!

And who says the logical reasoning learnt in a Philosophy degree is good for nothing?!