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Edgelands: A Telegraph project

That was exactly the response I had hoped for. I was at the offices of the Telegraph newspaper, and I had just shown Ben Ross, the travel editor, and Greg Dickinson, the social content editor, my route along the New Iron Curtain.

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Doing Digital Properly: Top Tips From BBC Worldwide's Alex Ayling

Today, anyone can broadcast through platforms like YouTube. With amateurs producing incredible content, and organisations like Vice creating films specifically for online broadcast, where do traditional broadcasters like the BBC fit in?

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How To Film An Expedition

But how does one film one’s adventures in the first place? Camera work is a huge field, with masses of terminology and kit to get your head around, let alone thinking about filming a story, constructing a sequence or planning shots. Most adventurers can barely afford their own expeditions, so paying for a camera-man is out of the question. How, then, does a budding explorer-presenter take his first step into the world of media?

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